What Is ARIA


ARIA TOSCA is an open, light, CLI-driven library of orchestration tools that other open projects can consume to easily build TOSCA-based orchestration solutions. ARIA is now an incubation project at the Apache Software Foundation.

Plugin Based Architecture

ARIA Plugins mechanism allows ARIA to model robust application blueprints: plugins introduce new node types for modeling and are responsible for interacting with APIs and implementing modeled applications.

Customizable Node Types

ARIA follows the TOSCA DSL modeling standards, it supports inheritance and other characteristics of an object oriented language, allows to customize and create new node types for modelling.


Describe application topologies in a declerative YAML DSL, this creates a graph of application components, their relationships and properites.

Lifecycle and Workflow Operations

Define application lifecycle interfaces, workflows and execute it’s implementation operations, you can use the build-in workdlows to install and uninstall, and assign their lifecycle intefaces, or create new custom ones.

OASIS TOSCA Simple Profile

ARIA supports the OASIS TOSCA Simple Profile DSL specification, to be able to model applications in an industry standard and portable DSL specification.

TOSCA Simple Profile for NFV

Support for the latests specification draft for TOSCA Simple Profile for NFV, implementing new node types needed for NFV such as VDUs, VNFFG, VL and others.

Open Source

OASIS TOSCA offers a vendor neutral standard for modeling cloud based applications, ARIA is an open source implementation of the TOSCA specification, allowing complete visibility and free use of all it’s source code https://github.com/aria-tosca

Open Governance

AIRA aims to become an independent project governed by it’s active contributors. The board of directors will be leading the project’s direction and influencing thought contribution.

IaaS Plugins

build-it plugins for OpenStack, VMware vSphere, VMware vCloud, Amazon Web Services, and more to come.

CM Plugins

Full support for configuration management tools: Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt.


Support for container orchestration via Docker plugin and Kubernetes plugin.


Fabric plugin allows mapping operations to ssh commands or Fabric tasks providing an agent-less method for running operations.

You can use ARIA as

Command Line Interface

Orchestration application blueprints via simple to use command line interface.
[aria@orchestrator ~]$ aria init -p blueprint.yaml --install-plugins
[aria@orchestrator ~]$ aria execute -w install


Integrate TOSCA orchestration capabilities into your existing offering via the ARIA integration library.
from aria_cli import common
from aria_cli.commands import init as aria
from aria_core import blueprints
from aria_core import utils
from aria_core import logger
from aria_core import workflows

Get Software

ARIA powers Cloudify, an open source cloud and NFV orchestration framework. Cloudify allows modeling applications and services, and automate their entire life cycle in multi and hybrid cloud environments.

ARIA powers OPEN-O’s TOSCA at the Global Service Orchestrator(GS-O) and Network Function Virtualization Orchestrator(NFV-O) as the native framework to execute TOSCA workloads.

ARIA TOSCA application orchestrator won the “MANO Software of the Year” award at the Network Virtualization Industry Awards 2016.